Smart Home Systems

5 Reasons Why You Should Include Smart Home Systems When You Design Your House

When wanting to include smart home systems while you design your house, you may think of the additional costs that would add up to the total construction cost.

However, there’s no doubt how these one-off investments will help you in the long run. Not only in terms of savings down the road but also convenience, safety, and peace of mind. For example, smart garage door openers let you control them and always keep an eye on who’s entering/leaving your house remotely.  

Hence, in this article, we’ll share the top five reasons why you should include smart home systems when you design your house.

1. Convenience

Imagine cozily settling down in your bed, but you think you forgot to turn off the kitchen lights. It will obviously be quite inconvenient for you to get up and turn off the lights or to make sure you turned them off for real.

Smart devices allow you to keep an eye on the connected devices’ statuses via your mobile phone and even control them no matter where you are, so you don’t have to go through the hassle. Of course, this brings you nothing but the utmost convenience.

Smart Home Systems

2. Increased Security and Safety

Various smart home devices like smart doorbells and cameras help you keep yourself and your family safe. If you sometimes get your packages stolen from your porch, a smart doorbell with two-way communication and a camera will help you deter thieves.

In addition, if you’re away from home on a vacation, you can turn the lights on and off to make potential burglars feel like someone’s at home.

When designing your house, you can also include a smart lock to your front door which requires a passcode, so you don’t have to deal with keys and change the passcode whenever you want.

3. Saved Electricity Bills

At times, we forget to turn off the lights or even change the settings of the thermostat as we leave our house. This can obviously lead to escalated electricity bills.

What’s great is that smart devices can tell their status on your mobile phone, so you can control them remotely and save hefty electricity bills. You can also schedule the smart thermostat to automatically get switched on when you’re about to get home.

Moreover, smart appliances like ovens and refrigerators also come with efficient energy consumption systems to help you save more money on bills.

4. Improved Property Value

In this modern digital era, homeowners are willing to invest in properties that include smart home systems. Not only do these devices bring them convenience, but also a sense of security and prudence.  

Therefore, having a smart home means that your property will revalue, and you will be able to sell it for a greater profit down the road, which will also cover all your initial one-off costs related to setting up a smart home.

5. Health and Wellness

If you have children and pets at home, you can monitor them in real-time and high quality through smart webcams that also send notifications when there’s a sudden loud noise like your dog barking or baby crying.

In addition, smart air quality devices monitor the quality of air in your home based on toxic chemicals, dust, and other pollutants so that you can take appropriate measures accordingly.

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors alarm you as soon as they detect smoke or carbon monoxide to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.


When designing your house, you should include smart home systems as they bring convenience and a sense of security and ensure the health and wellness of your family. Even better, your property value will also boost, and you won’t have to deal with hefty electricity bills.

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