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The Best Gift Ideas for a Destiny 2 Fan

The holiday season is drawing nearer, which means it’s time to get creative and wow your loved ones, especially the Guardians among them. But do you know what gifts will have them bursting with joy? Well, the Ace of Spades Destiny 2 gun replica will make the perfect gift for a Guardian. Its craftsmanship is top-tier, and its unmatched realism will have them talking about it till infinity.

However, if you want to explore more options, we have curated a list of the best gift ideas for a Destiny 2 fan. Let’s walk you through our top recommendations.

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1. Destiny 2 ‘The Stranger’ Statue

First, we have the exclusive and mysterious statue of the Exo Stranger. Destiny fans love the Exo Stranger for her dark costume and cool gear. Also, her origin is at the core of the Destiny Franchise and has sparked debate among fans for years.

‘The Stranger’ statue is about ten inches tall, and the snowy design at the base adds to its appeal. The attention to detail is astounding. Just like in the game, she has her iconic mask, ‘No Time to Explain’ Pulse Rifle, cape, and weapon strap. 

Gifting a Guardian this phenomenal statue is a great way to make their holiday memorable. They won’t be forgetting this gift so easily.

2. Fallen Baby Plush

Guardians may be tough, but they have a soft spot for the Fallen Baby Plush. The collectible has been on the wishlist of many Destiny 2 fans since the Season of the Splice.

The adorable Eliksni snuggly bugs are wrapped in robes to keep them cozy and make them even cuter. The four-eyed creature can be squeezed and hugged without fear of the havoc it will wreak in its adult form.

These tiny Fallen Infants are also made with high-quality materials. Their blue hi-vis glow-in-the-dark eyes show the exceptional craftsmanship put into their creation and add to the overall appeal of these plushies.

3. Cayde-6 Collector’s Statue

Cayde-6 is one of the most interesting characters in this franchise and is a fan favorite. Destiny 2 fans love his funny little quips and how much of a comedic relief he is. So, seeing them fired up after his death came as no surprise.

If you want to give a Destiny 2 fan something to remember him by, the Cayde-6 collector’s statue is a great choice. The gaming replica figure is ten inches tall and has a well-detailed painting. It is a must-have for Guardians.

4. A Witch Queen Poster

If you know a Guardian who’ll love to give their space a little bit of personality, then a Witch Queen poster would make the perfect gift. Beyond its appeal, the poster also serves as a reminder that the Witch Queen DLC was successful as both a franchise and a game.

5. Numskull Official Destiny Gaming Locker, Controller Holder

Give your guardian an opportunity to decorate their room with one of the coolest Destiny 2 equipment. It can hold up to four controllers, has a headset stand, and a locker where you can store up to ten games or movie cases.

6. Destiny Clothing

Lastly, you can give a guardian a high-quality beanie, hoodie, or t-shirt to add to their style and have them represent their favorite character. This way, they can show their love and support for the franchise anywhere they go.

Destiny Clothing


Now, it’s time to make a pick. All of these options are great and will keep your Guardian happy; just pick one that is within your budget and wrap it with love.

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