best gift ideas for women

Best Gift Ideas for Women in 2021

Things to consider when choosing a gift

As the old saying goes: “it’s the thought that counts.”

Gift-giving is all about putting a lot of thought into what you choose for the person. To help you out with this, we’ve come up with a list of some questions that you can take into consideration. Answering these will hopefully make it easier for you to choose the perfect gift you are going to give.

  • What does she do?

Think of what she does every day. What kind of work does she have? Does she just stay at home? Think about what occupies her time. This will give you an idea of what kind of stuff she would appreciate having while doing her daily routine.

  • What are her hobbies?

What does she do in her spare time? Is she into sports, reading books, doing arts and crafts, gardening, or cooking? Give her a gift that is related to what she loves doing. By doing this, you are showing that you support her hobby. She’ll also love that you know her so well. 

  • Does she have a collection?

Living creatures are hoarders by nature. Be it a stamp, coin, or doll, find out what your special girl likes to collect. Contribute to her treasure trove by acquiring something that she doesn’t have there yet.

  • What does she often wish to have?

People sometimes think out loud. Was there a time that she wistfully wished to have a thing that she saw somewhere? Take note of these mumblings and it might just give you the idea for the perfect gift.

  • What can you afford?

This doesn’t just mean in the financial sense. Some gifts can take a lot of time and effort to acquire or put together. Take into consideration your budget and time when choosing your present.

13 useful gifts all women will appreciate

gift ideas for women

Instant pots and hair dryers are staple gift ideas for women. They are certainly handy in daily life. But to make this season more exciting, get any of the items on this list and make the special women in your life feel more loved. Here are the best gift ideas for women this 2021:

  1. Personalized water bottles

This is one of the most useful gifts on this list. A water bottle is sure to be used daily. Having it personalized makes sure that the bottle won’t get switched up at the office or yoga class. She can also use it as a reusable thermos at coffee shops to get discounts. She’ll definitely love it all year round.

  1. Cool shirts

Everybody likes to have a good laugh. Give her the gift of laughter with quirky statement shirts. Cute, funky, and adorable – these shirts will surely put her in a good mood every time she puts them on. Choose from a variety of colors and styles that will fit her taste.

  1. Apple watch

If your girl is the techie type, then this one’s for her. If she is also into sports, this watch is the best match, as well. Super packed with features, this smartwatch is a smartphone in a smaller package. Your girl can manage her time, her life, and health with the help of this fancy high-tech timepiece.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite

All the book lovers out there would surely love to get their hands on this one. Whether it’s an e-book, audiobook, magazine, or comics, this electronic reader can conveniently store a wide selection on its large memory. She can access them at any time, any place, hassle-free.

Kindle’s newest model, Kindle Paperwhite, is now even waterproof. So, she can safely enjoy a hot soak in the tub while reading or listening to her favorite E-books and sipping a fine glass of wine.

  1. Eye masks

Girls like to look pretty. However, giving beauty products as gifts is a tricky business. The person might not be into the product, she might have an allergic reaction to it, or she might take it as a message that she needs to take care of her looks more.

Thankfully, eye masks fall on the safer side of the scale. These are hypoallergenic and not complicated like makeup. It only speaks of a bit of luxury and pampering, and won’t give her the idea that she’s not looking fresh anymore.

These are on the cheaper side as well, so go ahead and grab a variety of eye masks. Make her feel like a kid at a candy store, excited to choose which one to use first.

  1. Essential oils

Aromatic essential oils have been the rave for years. They make your house smell wonderful and can also be used as a natural remedy for a lot of common ailments. If your girl or mom is into herbal remedies and aromatherapy, a set of essential oils is definitely a good gift choice.

These oils can be used in oil diffusers and humidifiers to make the room pleasant and also create a mood that she chooses. She will fondly think of you whenever she gets a whiff of these delightful scents.

  1. Weighted blankets

Nothing conveys comfort like a warm weighted blanket. The gentle pressure of this blanket on the body is a hug that the subconscious mind loves.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, send her one of these. So, you can snuggle her in her sleep even when you are miles apart.

These come in a variety of colors. You can choose one in her favorite hue or in a color that will remind her of you.

  1. Cast-iron pan

If your woman loves to cook, a cast-iron skillet is a great choice. These are classic and very durable cookware that any cook would drool over. Get her a cast iron pan and she will always remember your thoughtfulness whenever she prepares your meals.

  1. Charcuterie board

Everyone is a foodie by heart. A popular and delicious trend these days is having a charcuterie basket delivered right to your doorstep. Who wouldn’t want a selection of cheeses and finger foods artfully arranged on a wooden board?

Surprise her with a basket treat that you two can share on a date night. So romantic yet safe in this time of the pandemic.

  1. Gin infusion kit

Everyone seems to be into DIYs and artisanal stuff these days. So, if your girl is one of those who jumped into that bandwagon and is also into spirits, this one she will definitely like a lot.

Why not give her her very own gin infusion kit? The set comes with aromatic spices and berries to make her evening drinks feel fancy. Raise a toast to your wonderful relationship with this lovely gift set.

There are also fancy accessories in the kit to complete the experience. Plus, it comes in a gorgeous customized wooden gift box that she can treasure as well. Have her name or a special moment engraved on the box and she can put it on display.

  1. Custom neon sign

Light up her world with this spectacular gift idea. You can have her name made into a neon sign. You can also have custom shapes or a message done. It’s definitely something unique that only the love of your life will have. And the thrill of that is sure to fill her heart.

If your girl lives by inspirational and motivational quotes, this one is also perfect for her. Have her favorite line immortalized by having it done in a neon sign. This custom neon sign will figuratively and literally brighten her day.

  1. Succulent planters

Every space inside a home brightens up with the addition of some greenery. Here’s a great gift suggestion for girls who are into plants. And this is also perfect for those who can’t seem to keep a plant alive. Succulents are so hardy and resilient. They are extremely low maintenance that they only need watering once in a while. So, even if your girl leads a busy life, she can still take good care of these little buds.

Brighten her room and put a smile on her face every day with these cute succulent planters.

  1. Breakfast in bed

If you can put more time and effort into your preparation, a surprise breakfast in bed would be a total treat for your girl. Cook up her favorite meal or whip up your own charcuterie board. Level it up by adding her fave flower and a steaming cup of choice beans that any coffee lover would adore.

You don’t need to break the bank to pull this one-off. Just give it thought, time, and a little bit of creativity. Your woman would definitely feel the love in your efforts.

Make this year extra special

We’ve presented you with a gift guide to the best gift ideas for young women this season. Now, you can make every occasion feel special by giving thoughtful gifts to the women in your life.

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