How to Use Facebook for Business

How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and there is a reason for it. It is simple to use and has all the resources that would help businesses to scale. If you want to pay for Facebook likes, it can also be a good idea to make sure the users are real. In case you only get bot likes, then it is not recommended at all. Some Facebook facts that, as a business, you should care about are as follows:

  • The platform has 3 billion monthly active users
  • About 60% of the total consumers in the world are on Facebook
  • It is the third most visited site on earth
  • 43% of the total Facebook audience is male
  • 95% of the total US population above 12 is aware of Facebook

1. Create a Business Fan Page

Your business must have a Facebook fan page, and this is important. A fan page means that your business has a way to interact with the customers and vice versa. Such a fan page is also used to produce content and post updates about upcoming events. With a Facebook fan page, you also get to connect with an untapped audience.

Facebook for Business

2. Add Images and Cover

Upload such images that will get your brand a perfect voice. The cover image should be such that it identifies your business instantly. It must be cropped and there must be no text missing from it. Make your cover such that it acts as a billboard of your business and must be a perfect rectangle. All the images and cover should be of the highest quality so that your brand voice is conveyed to the users.

3. Complete Your Profile

Add all the information for your business and get all the details communicated to the customers. If there is anyone who wants to contact you personally, it should be made pretty simple for them. Add your username as well, which should resonate with your brand. The username should be such that it is memorized by your customers and your business pops in their minds as soon as they think of it. Add the opening and closing hours also ensure that a human is present all the time to answer the messenger chats.

4. Call to Action

It is right under the banner and reads as ‘Book Now’ or ‘Contact Us’ so choose the one that fits your business needs.

5. Page Tabs

Once you click the edit page, display all the tabs that are more relevant to your users. Make your tabs prioritized as per the business theme and users that visit.

6. Create Engaging Content

Your business credibility depends on the content that you post. It is important as your SEO also depends on this factor. Good SEO means that more customers will be engaged, and you will get sales and impressions that your business deserves.

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