Modern Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

Once it hit the markets, owning a leather jacket became a must for everyone. No matter the age or the profession, the leather jacket simply doesn’t go out of style. And to add, it seems as if it works well with almost anything in your wardrobe. Whether it’s pairing with skinny jeans for the ladies or if you’re going for a smart, casual look, a leather jacket with hood is a way to go. With its longevity in your wardrobe, the question becomes: How can I wear it differently? How I stand out on that Friday evening? This article seeks to bring you some verifiable answers that you put to the test next time you go out.

Use of prints and details

From the onset, leather jackets allow you to make a statement. Now, imagine adding some embellishments that create the macho or flamboyant look. If you don’t know a good tailor, you can ask one of your friends to recommend one to you. The arms, chest, and back of your leather jacket are an ideal spot for some studs and detailing. You can look up online for markings and accents that you fancy. Depending on the intended final look, ladies can soften the masculinity of a leather jacket by simply adding a sentence, some floral markings, or the tattoo of a plant or animal. For the gents, we recommend you do some bold embellishments on the arms and chests as well as add in some studs.

Add in a hoodie

For those who want to maintain the look of their leather jacket, you can add in a hoodie to add in a different element to your complete outfit. We recommend that the hoodie you choose be soft cotton and be grey. To complete the look, wear some sneakers or low leather shoes.

Another advantage of adding a hoodie comes in when the skies open and the rain pours generously.

Leather jacket to the office

People no longer adhere to the orthodox fashion styles when it comes to office wear. The leather jacket has found its way into the offices and boardrooms, but only when worn appropriately. Your leather jacket must be void of any embellishment or markings and should be cut exactly to your shoulders. Pockets should be to a minimum. Complete the look with a sharp tie and shirt combo and you should be good to go.

The jacket, tie, and shirt combination allow you to feel more comfortable and relaxed at work.

Going French

If you own a turtleneck and a pair of chinos, this could be your next combination. You can finish off the look with a pair of leather shoes or white sneakers. Derby shoes also deal well with this combination.


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