Official Whataburger Survey Guide. Take the Super Easy Survey at WhataburgerVisit.com and Earn a Reward!

Are you a big fan of Whataburger? If yes, you must provide your genuine feedback to the company to help them provide you with better food and services. The best part is that you get a reward for giving your views and time. WhataburgerVisit is a survey website where you can not only participate in the Whataburger survey to win some rewards. It is an online survey designed to take feedback from the customers about Whataburger services and the quality of food.  Restaurants can measure their customer’s satisfaction level through these surveys, and accordingly, they can improve their products and services according to this feedback. People can complete this Whataburger survey from their place according to their convenient time.  On your visit to Whataburger, you can observe their services, food, staff, other key aspects and give your honest feedback about the same. After leaving the outlet, you can visit Whataburgervisit to share your experiences and earn rewards. The company will collect the result of these survey forms, and they can work on it to improve their services, as, through these surveys, they will get to know what their valuable customers expect.  Whataburger Survey Rewards To claim the survey reward, you need to visit Whataburgervisit.com and complete the Whataburger customer survey. You can redeem this code on your next visit to… Read more “Official Whataburger Survey Guide. Take the Super Easy Survey at WhataburgerVisit.com and Earn a Reward!”
KFC Survey at MyKFCexperience.com

KFC Survey Guide. Enjoy FREE KFC Chicken by Completing a Simple MyKFCexperience.com Survey!

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is essential for companies to know what their customers want and how satisfied they are. While getting feedback from customers at stores and retail outlets is a good option, the most popular tool is the customer experience survey.   Surveys help to understand consumer’s preferences accurately. Kentucky Fried Chicken is among the top fast-food chains and uses KFC customer satisfaction survey to help it understand its customers and their feedback to its products, stores, and service.   KFC does this through MyKFCexperience.com, an online survey set up by the company to reach out to its customers across the United States. The KFC customer satisfaction survey is designed by the company to collect data from customers who have visited their outlets. Through the MyKFCexperience.com Survey, customers can share their honest feedback on the company and their experience with it.  The answers and feedback given by respondents help the company modify its services accordingly and introduce new products as per customer requirements.  KFC Survey Rewards Taking the online survey takes a few minutes of your time and requires you to share your opinion about their food taste, staff behavior, service time, order accuracy, cleanliness, price, KFC visit frequency, and other such things. The survey also asks the customer if he would like to revisit soon and recommend KFC… Read more “KFC Survey Guide. Enjoy FREE KFC Chicken by Completing a Simple MyKFCexperience.com Survey!”
Giantfood Survey

TalkToGiant Survey Help You Enter a $500 Gift Card Sweepstakes

Customer satisfaction surveys usually have a small reward for the customer who fills the survey. TalktoGiant Survey is an online survey for Giant Food Stores to get feedback from their customers on the products and services they offer. Your response at www.TalkToGiantfoods.com will reveal to the company how you feel about their goods and service and overall experience. This will help improve the services and assist the company in performing better. TalkToGiant Survey rewards are in a league of their own, due to the high value they offer. To ensure that the maximum numbers of customers take part in the survey, all Giants Foods customers who participate in the survey are offered a chance to enter in the Sweepstakes organized by them. TalkToGiant Survey Rewards In the sweepstakes, customers have a chance to win a $500 Gift Card, which they can redeem at the Giant Food Stores. To make the sweepstakes more interesting, the TalkToGiant Survey selects up to 5 winners from each of the entry periods for which it organizes the sweepstakes.  Each of the five winners of the TalkToGiant sweepstake is rewarded with a 500 gift card. Entry to the Sweepstakes is free, with participants just needing to answer a few questions on their experience while shopping at Giant Food Stores.  TalkToGiantfoods.com Survey Rules To take part in… Read more “TalkToGiant Survey Help You Enter a $500 Gift Card Sweepstakes”

Modern Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

Once it hit the markets, owning a leather jacket became a must for everyone. No matter the age or the profession, the leather jacket simply doesn’t go out of style. And to add, it seems as if it works well with almost anything in your wardrobe. Whether it’s pairing with skinny jeans for the ladies or if you’re going for a smart, casual look, a leather jacket with hood is a way to go. With its longevity in your wardrobe, the question becomes: How can I wear it differently? How I stand out on that Friday evening? This article seeks to bring you some verifiable answers that you put to the test next time you go out. Use of prints and details… Read more “Modern Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket”

My Thoughts on the New Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale Program

I’ve been a Weight Watchers member for so many years that I’ve lost count and am a lifetime member, which means that I’ve achieved my goal weight. Once you’re a lifetime member, you’re always a lifetime member, even if you gain weight. The catch is that you can’t be more than two pounds over your goal weight or you have to pay to use Weight Watchers. That’s why I’m trying to lose a few more pounds, so that I can get back to my goal weight range and not have to pay. This week Weight Watchers released a new program called Beyond the Scale. I was around for the last change, from POINTS to PointsPlus. In that big change, Weight Watchers put more of an emphasis on healthy eating. They realized that if a banana was 2 points and a 100-pack of Oreo cookies was 2 points, everyone would eat the cookies. So even though fruits and veggies aren’t free of calories or sugar, they made them 0 points to encourage people to eat more of them for all the nutritional benefits. Weight watcher beyond the scale In this new Beyond the Scale program, PointsPlus have been replaced with SmartPoints, and the emphasis is even more on making healthier choices. The program is meant to guide members to not just… Read more “My Thoughts on the New Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale Program”

How to Find Time & Mental Space for a Tough Training Plan

Training for an endurance event can seem daunting. When I first read the Hansons’ Half Marathon Method book, which prescribes as much or even more mileage than other full marathon plans, I didn’t think it was for me. In my early 40s, with only a few years of running experience behind me, and with no natural talent, I doubted I could even do it. There were phrases in the book that went something like: We won’t sugarcoat it. This phase is very difficult, and you will be tired. Yikes! Last summer I took a leap into the scary unknown and tried the Hansons’ plan for my fall half marathon. I was so happy and proud that I successfully completed the tough training, which was a big accomplishment for me in its own right. I’m in week 6 of the same training plan for my spring half marathon and am re-learning just how tough it is. I thought back to what worked for me the first time so that I can use it again this time. If you’ve ever really wanted to try a tough training plan but aren’t sure you can do it, trust me that YOU CAN. Here are some things that worked for me that I’ll be using again and that I hope may be useful to you… Read more “How to Find Time & Mental Space for a Tough Training Plan”

Brooks LSD Lite Women’s Jacket

I’ve been on the hunt for a lightweight, rain-proof running jacket for spring and summer and ordered the Brooks LSD Lite Jacket II from Amazon, though the actual seller was Night-Gear. There are newer versions out (the LSD III and LSD IV)   and lots of colors, and the price varies depending on version and color. I really like the Brite Green/Black color I got, and the price can’t be beat. Fit- and feature-wise, this jacket is awesome and is just what I was looking for. I ordered a medium and found it very roomy and comfortable. While I don’t anticipate wearing many layers under it, I think a tight-fitting jacket might stick to sweaty skin in the rain. If you are in between sizes, I’d consider sizing up. Here you can see how roomy it is. The length comes to mid-hip and is ideal for me. It’s a little hard to see, but there are reflective strips at the bottom of both arms as well as the bottom of the jacket.… Read more “Brooks LSD Lite Women’s Jacket”

Cute Activewear To Motivate You

Quite often each of us who is engaged in fitness has a stupor. We saw the first results and suddenly (as it seems to us) stopped. You think, “Well, I do everything right: I work out, eat right, run, follow the regimen”. It does not occur to you to talk about this with a coach, but you take out, hidden by you same chocolate bar, you eat it all without noticing it, then a donut, then something else… “So what, I’m no good at it anyway”! Tomorrow you skip a workout, the day after that another one… But, in the beginning, when you decided to do sports, you were motivated by something. There was some motive for it!  Of course, some people have been exercising since childhood and for some reason, they stopped, and in order not to lose their shape or to improve it, they continued to go to the gym. But most of us came for other reasons. Someone was inspired by the girl on the cover of a sports magazine, someone after the separation with a boy or a girl to not get depressed, someone was so upset about the clothing size, someone after the birth of children. So there are many reasons to join a gym. But that’s just the beginning…… Read more “Cute Activewear To Motivate You”