Cars for Mountain Driving

The Best Cars for Mountain Driving

Are you on your way to go for a tour to mountainous areas? Yes! Then it is high time to pack your bag with some essentials like a puncture repair kit and a quality jack apart from the right type of clothes, medicines, water, and so on. At the same time, it is essential to have the right type of vehicle that will let you drive smoothly on mountain roads. In this article, we are going to discuss the best cars for mountain driving.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Adventure Vehicle?

Good Adventure Vehicle

Traveling on mountain roads is full of adventure. To make the journey memorable and safe, it is essential to have or hire the right type of adventure road vehicle. Such vehicles remain in a position to handle both on-road and off-road tours with ease. Crossovers and SUVs are some exclusive options whenever it comes to selecting the right type of adventure vehicle.

The essential features associated with adventure vehicles are innumerable. Some of the most important ones include the following:

  • Highly robust with high horsepower
  • Torquey engine for low range gearing 
  • Underbody protection
  • All-terrain tires
  • High ground clearance
  • Fuel economy
  • High level of comfort, safety, and performance 
  • High versatility

These features ensure a smooth ride on rough mountains, including uneven terrains. Also, the vehicle must-have features to handle bad weather conditions. It must be a practical choice for both drivings and off-road treks. With the right type of adventure vehicle, exploring the mountainous terrain will seem a smooth experience.

Essential Equipment Required While Traveling on Mountain Roads 

car Traveling on Mountain Roads 

As a driving enthusiast, it is for sure that you will be able to manage the adventurous journey on mountain roads. Still, as you know that prevention is better than cure; similarly, having some know-how related to vehicle repair will prove handy unless you have a skilled mechanic onboard. For those critical times when you will hardly find a mechanic beside you, having basic repairing skills is a must. Let’s know what are those skills?

  • Knowledge about tire repair – The tire of your car may come across any issue in the mid of the journey. As getting in touch with a mechanic may not always be possible everywhere, it is advisable to have minimum skills related to tire repairing. It will be good to take a repair kit along so that it becomes easy to fix the issue. Having a tire sealant will let you make a temporary fix.
  • Having a traction mat – At the time of covering dirty roads, your vehicle may come across some destructive elements. As a result, the slick surface may be the result due to the absence of traction force. Tires will start spinning followed by making it difficult to make any headway. In such a situation, traction mats will save you amid such road conditions.
  • Knowledge of using a jump starter – Knowing using a jump starter is another vital skill required. If the jump starter is integrated with an air compressor, then you will be able to pump air into the tires. Charging devices like laptops and smartphones will also become easy while on the way.

Last but not the least, knowing ground clearance will also benefit manifold on the way. It will help in determining the amount of space that is available between the ground and underbody of the vehicle. The higher the amount of space available, the easier will it be to explore the rugged terrain.

These are some vital skills required before heading for a mountain drive. Now, it is high time to explore some of the best cars that will help in making your journey smoother.

List of Best Cars for Mountain Driving

Cars for Mountain Driving

As an outdoor enthusiast, you would surely look forward to enjoying exploring off-road terrain and dirty roads. You will never feel tired driving in remote places that are full of adventure. While on your way to search for the right type of car, you will come across a wide range of choices. Below is a list of some of the best cars for outdoor enthusiasts. You can select one matching your preference.

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee – The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a highly popular car that is helpful at the time of carrying out mountain driving. It is not only available in every type of budget, but also in variable trimming levels that offer the real-time off-road capability. The decent technology included makes it easy to climb up and descend the hills smoothly.

Comfortable seats, an upscale interior, and a feature-rich infotainment system are some remarkable features. Additional features that attract lots of users include an automatic brake system, warning regarding the collision, highly adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, and lane assistance. Fuel consumption is also fair.

  • Range Rover Sport – Must have heard about Range Rover! The Range Rover Sport is an advanced form that is fully performance-based. It is nimble and is inclusive of high capabilities that will help in enhanced performance with zero compromises in terms of driving. The storage booths inside help store certain items including goggles, handbags, beverages, and smart devices.

Cup holders, center box, door panel storage, glove box, jacket pockets, and door pockets are some exclusive inclusions. Hence, you will be able to have some refreshment inside your car without depending on any external source. The engines available belong to two different categories, diesel, and petrol. The choice is yours!

  • Golf Alltrack by Volkswagen – The Golf Alltrack is a highly popular vehicle that is known for comprising hill descent control for the convenience of the riders. It is best for people that prefer enjoying the benefits of active lifestyles. The advanced AWD system is inclusive of a standard lifting station. The station prevents the car from unnecessary damage that may otherwise take place at the time of ground clearance.

This particular car is duly praised for its sporty nature, DSG transmission for fast shifting, and responsive feel of the steering. These specific features make this car among highly popular choices for a memorable on-road experience.

  • Subaru Outback – The Subaru Outback holds a good reputation for decades in terms of being highly capable and fuel-efficiency. These features have made this model widely known and among the top cars for mountain driving. Driving through the mountains will seem no more a challenge with this specific car. As the vehicle comes with an exclusive measurement regarding ground clearance and X-mode AWD system, you will be able to travel far beyond without much difficulty.

The sturdier frame will remain highly equipped with a powerful engine and an advanced X-mode. They help improve the road prowess associated with the vehicle.

  • Toyota RAV4 Adventure – The Toyota RAV4 Adventure is a compact crossover that seems to be the right choice for adventure lovers. It can smoothly go anytime, anywhere without any hindrance. With an appreciable ground clearance, body cladding, and AWD system; this vehicle has proved to be the right choice for mountain drivers.

The inclusion of multi-terrain selection modes will let the driver ride the terrain without causing much difficulty. The unique torque vectoring power of the vehicle makes it highly suitable for having control on the wheels in slick situations.

  • Dodge Ram – Are you fond of going on a valuable pickup truck set? Wondering what are the best cars for mountain driving that will meet this criterion? If yes, then Dodge Ram will be the right choice. Inclusive of four different engines along with an open cargo bed and leather sitting; this car is highly suitable for a memorable driving experience on mountain roadways.

Additional features that make this car exclusively special include air suspension, heated front, and rear seats, power running boards, and wireless device charging. Dodge Ram has proved to be among highly luxurious and comfortable vehicle that provides a memorable driving experience on the mountain.

  • Kia Telluride – If you are traveling in a group or with your family, then Kia Telluride will be the right choice. It is known for being spacious, fully automatic locking center differential, and has great ground clearance. These are some exclusive features that make this vehicle the right choice among mountain tour enthusiasts.

The center locking differential permits a full power split between rear and front axles. The electronic sensors are known for dictating and easy management of torque splitting from the sides. As a result, this car has been recognized to be among the highly popular road trip cars for mountains. Overall, the ride will be highly enjoyable with this specific model.


These are some exclusive and best cars for outdoor enthusiasts that mountain driving enthusiasts can use for a memorable road trip. The horsepower, ground clearance feature, and automatic locking system are some remarkable features that make them suitable for driving in bad weather conditions as well. 

Having the right type of car will help in making your mountain road trip highly memorable. Carrying out a bit of research and comparison will let you shortlist the names of some cars that can be taken on the mountain roadway.

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