Making a Travel Guide

Making a Travel Guide Has Never Been so Easy

The aim of travel guides is to provide useful information and essential guidance to potential travelers to prepare their journey well and look forward to the best possible experience. There are hundreds and thousands of travel bloggers out there who write digital travel guides based on travel content.

You will be surprised to know that travel blogs are one of the most read. This only points to the growing interest and demand for these guides. However, not all content offerings hold value or carry the information which is sought by the readers. In other words, it is not easy to write a guide on traveling, and it takes years of experience and expertise on how to write a travel guide that is interesting and impresses the readers.

If you are looking for ideas on how to write a quality traveling guide with exceptional travel guide examples, you are just on the right page! Now you can create your own travel guidebook, and all you need to do is read through this article till the end to know precisely what makes a perfect travel guide. Here you will get all the advice and skills needed to write a captivating and compelling guide on travel.

To begin with, you should first learn about what chapters to cover as a travel writer.

How to Write a Travel Guide: Chapters to Cover

Think carefully about why you want to write about those extraordinary trips and how they offer the reader valuable information. Every guide should have a clear structure and content and should focus on a certain location, to begin with.

How to Write a Travel Guide


The basic structure of the traveling guide must contain essential information about how to reach, the best time to visit, where to stay, and the popular attractions. One can make their digital guides more useful by converging essential information regarding travel costs, transportation modes available, and the type of accommodations available. Add some tips and tricks to the content to make it more useful for the reader. For example, you can give comparisons of restaurants or compare the costs of street foods at two different spots.

Create a list of attractions, entertainment opportunities, and the best possible way to move around. Cover tours, food, and drink options for budget travelers and teach them how to save money or find the best value services. The food and drinks section must focus on the most popular dishes in the local cuisine and what local food markets to explore.

As the travel guide examples indicate, the blogs are likely to have multiple topics to cover. Hence, it is highly recommended that there is a list of the table of contents, especially for a lengthier travel blog, so that the visitor can see in one glance what it is about or jump to a particular section that he is interested in.


Write from a fresh perspective to enhance the content appeal and make your trip and travel guide stand out. Even a small experience or mention of a special activity can draw the attention of your audience towards your travel collection. It is essential to add some good-quality pictures when you create your own travel guide book, and it is best to use your own picture to add a personal and special side to your travel guide.

Colorful and crisp images and pictures about a location are sure to get more views from readers and keep them interested in your digital guidebook. You can also add maps to make your blog more inspiring and informative and make it look professional.

Another essential aspect to cover in your content is the keywords, and the use of the right keywords can drive more traffic to your attractive travel guidebooks and rank them higher in the search engines. Thus, research keywords and use the most apricate ones based on the location.

As you write the travel guide about ancient cities or any exotic day trips or the natural beauty of some location, make sure that your writing style is relaxed but to the point. It should be as if you communicate to the reader and speak to them like a friend and guide.


Location For Writing Travel Guides

Choose any location you are excited to write about, and it could be an interesting spot close to where you live. Or it could be one of the most popular destinations and cities that are on the bucket list of every avid traveler and tourist, such as New York, London, Paris, Rome, or more. Keep in mind that you have something special and unique to write about the location, as there are tons of blog content available on popular destinations.

It is good to look for lesser-known destinations closer to the popular ones that no one has discovered. Use vivid descriptions about a particular location and include all the details to entertain the readers and get them interested.

Top Tips For Writing Inspiring Travel Guides

As there are endless travelers and travel bloggers out there, not every blog is popular. Thus, if you want to be a successful travel writer who can write travel books with exciting and descriptive statements, you need to follow specific tips and advice.

  • Get extensive expertise and experience by becoming a traveler first and understanding what a traveler is looking for.
  • You can specialize in a country or a city and can focus on a destination travel guide that gives precise information.
  • Differentiate yourself from other travel bloggers as there is a lot of competition and the market is already crowded.
  • Be confident when you travel and ask lots of questions to know a place really well and dig out unusual and interesting information that nobody else knows.
  • Check the authenticity of facts before adding them to your narrative travel guide and refer to reliable sources to build the credibility of your guide.
  • As every traveler is looking to save money, give them some valuable advice on how they can enjoy their trip to the maximum by spending minimum.
  • As travelers are concurred about their safety, discuss different regulations and concerns regarding security and give them advice straight from the locals and with improved recommendations.
  • Use a suitable format for your city guides. You can publish the guides and posts in PDF or as an eBook. Just make sure that the format is easy to open, read or download by the reader.


Traveling is indeed a memorable experience as it helps one develop a broader vision and outlook by meeting new people, getting to know other cultures, and visiting those unique places. It is even more exciting when you get to share those stories in your travel books or when you talk about an upcoming trip. However, writing a travel guide can be quite challenging. Now that you have all the information you need on how to write a travel guide, why don’t you share your experiences with others? With a fair share of travel adventures behind, talk about those amazing experiences of your life in your distinct writing style and help others plan a great trip. If you put your passion for traveling into your writing, you are sure to grab the attention of adventurous souls out there.

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